Don't be fooled by cheap imposters!

Advertising throws out all kinds of terms when talking about exercise balls. While the language may vary slightly, it is important to understand the concept of weight rating, burst resistance and burst proof.

This term is purely marketing. EVERY ball is “burst resistant” in that the material is resisting the pressure inside the ball. Without a quantifiable number attached to the “burst resistant” term, it is absolutely useless.

Why trust the Original Swiss Ball Pro?

Theragear Swiss Ball Pro with TheraGuard™ ABS System guarantees the highest standard of safety and quality.

Swiss Ball Pro with the TheraGuard TM ABS System offer greater safety against a sudden bursting of the ball during use – provided approved weight is not exceeded. TheraGuard™ Swiss Ball Pro is burst-proof during an accidental puncture up to a total (body) weight of 500lbs / 230kg. Our professional grade exercise balls Theragear Swiss Ball Pro is designed especially for use with added resistance like dumbbells and is also provides a non-slip surface and is latex-free! We guarantee our balls do not contain latex or expend any vapors that may be detrimental to your healt

Essential Facts about Weight Ratings

What you need to know about Swiss Ball Pros Weight Ratings

Is a ball's weight limitation measured by my body weight alone?

No, there’s more to it than that. Weight limits are measured in two ways: static and dynamic. Think of static weight as you just sitting on your Theragear ball. Now imagine bouncing up and down or lifting weights while sitting on the ball – that’s dynamic weight. For your safety and to preserve the life of your ball, do not exceed the ball’s weight limitation.

If you plan to use your ball for cardio (bouncing) or for strength exercises that require additional weight, select a ball that is especially designed for these purposes.

All Theragear Swiss Ball Pro have two weight ratings: weight limit and burst-proof or TheraGuard™ ABS limit.

Weight Rating (Static Weight Rating)

This term relates to the MAXIMUM STATIC LOAD that the ball can support. Essentially, this means you inflate a ball and put it in a hydraulic press until it flattens out or pops. This test will indicated the static weight the ball can handle without losing functionality. This is a good number to know, but it isn’t the MOST important number (we will talk about that in a second).

Burst Proof Rating (Dynamic Load Rating)

This is the most important number because it’s the one that has the biggest impact on your safety. It’s also the rating that sets top quality balls apart from the “cheap” ones that are out there.

Burst PROOF Rating means that up to the posted DLR, your ball is guaranteed (within proper care and inflation guidelines), to NOT explode when punctured instead deflates slowly.

For example the LOAD rating on the Swiss Ball Pro is 2,000 lbs. and the BURST PROOF rating is 500 lbs., the ball will be able to sustain approximately 2,000 lbs. before flattening or popping like a balloon, between 500 – 2,000 lbs., the ball can handle the pressure, but will still pop like a balloon if the integrity is breached (i.e. it gets punctured by a thumbtack, staple or other sharp object.)

However, UNDER 500 lbs. of load, the ball will deflate slowly (and safer) if punctured.

Be sure to check the LEVEL of this rating. Many balls will have a high load rating, but a relatively low burst rating.

One more thing to consider is inertia/momentum. If you are moving, the load you generate is greater than just sitting still. Visualize doing a small bounce on the ball…if you are 150 lbs., the force you generate on the ball at the bottom of your bounce will be MUCH greater than your actual weight. Because of this, you DO NOT want to be at the limit of the burst rating for your ball. It makes sense to have a substantial safety “cushion” in terms of available DLR.

Theragear Swiss Ball Pro Burst Test

We pre-inflate and inspect every ball made and have achieved exceptionally low numbers of faulty balls. Over the past 5 years we have had a return rate of less than 0.3%. Please watch our video that demonstrates the load and durability of our Swiss Exercise Balls. In the video a 65cm Ball was used.

Find more about properly inflating and caring for you Swiss Pro Ball to keep it safe and puncture free.