Fun Exercises and Games Using a Swiss Ball

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    For kids, exercising with a Swiss Ball could be real fun. Swiss Balls have several other names such as stability balls, therapy balls or exercise balls. Since they are available in a variety of sizes, catering to both adults and children, you need to choose a suitable one so that its size is convenient for your kid and he can position himself on its center while his knees and hips are at a right angle. Make sure that his feet are positioned flat with respect to the floor. When you provide a suitably sized Swiss ball to your child, he or she is all set to indulge in some fun exercises and games like the ones mentioned below.



    This is a fun exercise whose aim is to improve your child’s balance and posture. First, ensure that your kid is lying on a Swiss Ball on his stomach. Make sure that your child’s body is extended completely with his limbs out. In case you observe that your kid is finding it tough to do this exercise with both legs and arms, tell him to raise his left arm and right leg and then alternate with the right arm and left leg.


    Hot Potato Game

    In this fun game with a Swiss Ball, make the children form a circle first. But tell one of the kids to not join this circle so that the music can be controlled. Just like the “passing the parcel” game, as the music goes on, the children can go on passing the Swiss ball to their left. The kid who was asked to control the music needs to stop it all of a sudden. The child, who is seen having the Swiss ball whenever the music is stopped, will be out of the game. Let the music resume again thereafter and the game should continue till all kids except one remains. Kids will love this game for sure.


    Partner Games

    In this fun game with a Swiss ball, tell the kids to divide themselves into two separate teams. Both the teams will be provided with a Swiss ball respectively. Within a minute, the pairs must find out the number of times the ball could be kicked by them. The winning partners are the ones who have the maximum number of successive passes.


    If a big Swiss ball is given to the children accompanied by some innovative and fun ideas from your side, kids can not only have a great time but can be highly beneficial for them for enhancing their stability, flexibility, agility, strength and body balance.

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