How to inflate and care for your Swiss ball

Inflating a Swiss Ball with The TheraGuard™ Anti-Burst System

Please read carefully. When following the inflating instructions and used with proper care, the TheraGuard™ Swiss ball is burst-proof during an accidental punture up to a total (body) weight of 500lbs / 230kg (TheraGuard™ Swiss Pro Ball), or 300lbs / 140kg (TheraGuard™ Exercise Ball). However, in the event of larger tears, for example if the ball chafes along sharp edges and is ripped open, even the TheraGuard™ ABS System can no longer help and the ball could lose air suddenly following such damage. For this reason the ball should be checked regularly for scratches or chafe marks, which can appear even during correct use or can gradually develop.

How to properly inflate the Swiss Balls with the TheraGuard™ ABS System

  1. The ball should be stored in at least 20°C (68° Fahrenheit) for 2-3 hours before inflation.
  2. Inflate the ball in stages up to 80% of its maximum size at room temperature or at a maximum outside temperature of 25° C (77° F). Use the enclosed measuring tape for sizing (Picture 2). Remember that the ball may be very hard in this phase.
  3. Let the ball sit for at least 4 hours. The ball will feel very hard, even if inflated slowly. The ball reaches its optimum elasticity (softness) after 2 days at the latest.
  4. Slowly inflate the rest of the ball to the optimum size for you at room temperature. Use the measuring tape, taking care not to inflate over its maximum size (Picture 3).

Check the diameter of the ball after 24 hours. The ball can become larger as a result of air expansion inside the ball. If the maximum diameter has been exceeded simply let some of the air out until the ball reaches the correct diameter.

Characteristics of the Swiss Ball with TheraGuard™ ABS System

The TheraGuard™ Swiss Ball can show creases, when it is first inflated, because it gets folded for packaging. These creases will disappear over time, and do not affect the balls functionality or safety in any way. The shape of the ball can change slightly during use on account of the TheraGuard™ Weight Limit. The ball returns to its original shape approx. 10 min. after you leave it, due to the restorative force of the material. We guarantee our balls do not contain latex or expend any vapors that may be detrimental to your health.

Caring for the Swiss Ball

  • Store at room temperature.
  • Prevent prolonged exposure to direct sunlight.
  • Check for sharp objects before using. Examine the area and your clothing for items that could puncture the ball.  Burst-proof balls will not explode if punctured, but they can still tear. If you find any flaws during your inspection, DO NOT USE to prevent injuries.
  • Do not use your ball outdoors. This increases the risk of puncture.
  • Hand wash your ball with a soft cloth and warm soapy water. Do not use harsh chemicals that may scratch the surface.