Swiss Ball Exercise Therapy For Relief From Low Back Pain

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    Pain in your lower back is not an uncommon phenomenon among all those people who work for a long time sitting in the same posture. It is also a common issue for those people who are into some types of body training activities like bodybuilding.


    Swiss ball for treatment of chronic back pain

    The Swiss ball that is also referred to exercise ball at times, is a treatment option for exercise for people suffering from back pain. It has been designed in such a manner that it can help in minimizing or preventing further incidences of pain in lower back and is used as a component of rehabilitation program. Though this gadget may appear to be simple at the first glimpse, it is a great component for improving your lower back’s strength.


    The effectiveness of the Swiss ball is a proven on for rehabilitating the affected back since it makes the back strong and is useful for developing the patient’s core muscles thus helping in stabilizing the spine.


    A Swiss ball is also known as a physio ball. It can be used to introduce a feel of instability to an exercise. This element is not available usually in the floor exercises. The patient’s body is automatically responsive to this element of instability so that it can stay balanced on the Swiss ball.


    Merits of doing exercise with a Swiss Ball

    1. The strength of muscles can be improved.
    2. It is a simple technique for beginning mobility post an incidence of back pain.
    3. The movement of your spine can show greater flexibility.
    4. Coordination and balance of the core body muscles can be improved leading to stabilizing your spine. It also helps in controlling correct body posture when the Swiss ball is being used to lower the stress faced by your lower back.
    5. Many exercises with Swiss Ball have been specially designed for bringing motion to your spine in a proper fashion so that the discs are nourished.


    There are several factors that can cause chronic pain in a person’s lower back varying from slight to moderate ones. Some of these contributors include incorrect posture while sitting for long duration, injuries, incorrect techniques of weightlifting or a bad mattress used for sleeping. A Swiss ball is a great tool for alleviating your pain in the lower back since it increases the capabilities of motion to a large extent while not compressing the lumbar spine. But do make a note of consulting your physician so that you can get correct suggestions on the exercises that are best suited for your condition.



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