Why Using A Swiss Ball Is Beneficial For Kids?

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    The origin of Swiss balls dates back to sixties when they were primarily being used in the field of physical therapies. But little did even the experts know that these balls will be used some day in schools for all those kids who face great difficulty with concentration or focusing in studies or other activities.

    However, that is precisely what these Swiss balls have succeeded in doing. Today they are being extensively used inside several classrooms. Their use have proved to be particularly useful for all those school going kids who ail from disorders related to sensory processing suffer from a tendency of fidgeting or even suffer from a disorder that is medically termed as Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.

    Then came the eighties when several therapists came out in the open and started advocating the use of Swiss balls inside the classrooms. They recommended these balls for helping all those kids who have special needs for learning.

    The year 2003 proved to be a landmark year for the application of Swiss balls since a study concluded that those pupils who sat on the therapy balls showed significant improvement in their behavior, as well as in productivity of word legibility. To put it even more simply, the study inferred that all those students who used the ball chairs could sit properly without fidgeting, concentrate in a better manner and could write in a clearer manner.


    Make your kid and his partner stand back to back

    You will observe a significant improvement in your child’s sense of timing, visual skills and rotation when he or she is made to stand with a partner as their backs touch each other. There should be only a distance of few feet as they keep passing a Swiss ball from first left to right followed by right to left. This activity becomes more complicated as the size of the Swiss ball gets bigger.


    Make your child sit on a Swiss ball as he watches his favorite TV show or plays a video game

    Is your child lounging against a couch as he watches his favorite cartoon show or plays his video games? If that is the case, make sure that he is sitting on a Swiss ball when he is watching such shows from next time around. However, you need to also ensure that he is sitting on an exercise ball from a safe distance from your TV set.


    Make him seat on the ball while he has his meals or does his homework

    You can insist your child to sit on an exercise ball when he is doing his home task or having his meals for improving his concentration level.


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