Swiss Ball Training Do’s and Don’t s

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    Remember back when those big beach ball looking things showed up in the gym.

    Most people had NO idea what on earth they were used for.

    Well these days, everyone that goes to the gym has a clue about what Swiss balls are and how to incorporate them into the workout.

    So on that note, here are some awesome Swiss ball exercises with you.

    And the good news?

    Everyone can do these regardless of your current level of fitness.

    1 – Swiss Ball Wall Squat

    This exercise is great because it teaches you how to learn to do a squat properly if you’re a beginner.

    Squats are excellent for many reasons, but they are challenging – especially if you’re new to them.

    By using the ball, you get to teach your body how to learn the correct form as you build up enough strength to learn to do this on your own.


    2 – Swiss Ball Leg Curl

    It strengthens your hamstrings and glutes, while at the same time opens your hip flexors which most of us need these day because we spend a lot of time sitting.

    All you need is the ball and a mat.


    Just a Few Important Things to Consider While Using the Ball

    Now that we have some idea as to what we can do with a Swiss ball, let me tell you what NOT to do with the ball.


    There are many pictures and videos of people actually doing this… but there is nothing beneficial of performing those stunts therefore

    It’s a no no!

    So  if you decide that this is something you REALLY want to do, then good luck. You’ll need it.


    A Few Other Dos and Don’ts

    Swiss balls are fun to work with and can offer some wonderful benefits, but using them requires one to be responsible and aware of certain things that can go wrong.


    DO –

    1. Store them in cool and dry environments.
    2. Keep them clean.
    3. Check for sharp objects before use. Examine the area and than ball. If you find any nick and cuts during your inspection, DO NOT USE to prevent injuries.
    4. Progress yourself properly when using the ball. This piece of equipment offers an unstable surface in which to exercise on – and while this offers huge benefits – it also comes with a unique set of challenges. Be mindful.


    DON’T –

    1. Over-inflate them.
    2. Leave them outdoors or sitting in your car for the day.
    3. Stand on them (as mentioned above – but worth repeating).
    4. Allow your kids to throw them around just because they look like beach balls. They may be relatively weightless – but they can still break a lamp.
    5. Do exercises on them that you aren’t ready to do. Just because you see a guy in a video doing a Swiss ball pike and he makes it look easy doesn’t mean you’re ready to do the same.


    So there you have it.

    The Swiss ball is a  fantastic piece of equipment if they are used correctly and responsible. Give them a try and we are sure you will agree.

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