Tips for Taking Care of Your Swiss Ball

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    Your Swiss ball which is also known by various other names such as a fitness ball, stability ball or exercise ball is a versatile fitness tool.


    In case you want your Swiss ball to last for several years in great condition, here are some simple tips to take care of it.

    • The area or the carpet where you keep your Swiss or exercise ball should be kept free from all such obstructions that could puncture it.
    • You can use your vacuum cleaner to make sure that objects such as gravel, plant remains, food crumbs and other debris are removed to prevent any damage on the surface of your ball.
    • Make sure your Swiss ball’s surface is free of nail polish spills and lacquers and other firms of glues. Such items may cause corrosion on the surface of the ball .Whenever the ball becomes dirty, you should use water, a soft cloth, and soap for cleaning it gently, Stay away from products used to clean your household items as they may also cause damage to your exercise ball.
    • You need to store your Swiss ball at a minimum temperature of 20 degrees Celsius for two to three hours prior to inflating it.
    • Your exercise ball should be always kept out of reach from young kids.
    • The Swiss ball should be allowed to settle down for minimum 4 hours after inflating it. At this point of time your ball may feel hard though you are inflating it gradually. It takes the ball two days for becoming soft or getting optimum elasticity.
    • Inflate the remaining ball slowly till it reaches its optimum size at the room temperature. You can use your measuring tape to make sure that it is not inflated beyond the maximum size.
    • You can check the ball’s diameter after one day. If it became bigger because the air inside it expanded to exceed its maximum diameter, just let some air come out till the Swiss ball’s diameter is correct.
    • While inflating your Swiss ball, you need to follow the instructions given by the manufacturer so that it does not get overinflated, Use the measuring tape that comes with your exercise ball to avoid inflating the ball beyond the diameter that has been recommended.

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