Here are Some Tips on Using the Swiss Ball for Beginners

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    Swiss balls are one of the most useful exercise tools you can find. Not only can they help tone your body, they are also useful in core strengthening and help improve your balance. Using the Swiss ball can be slightly difficult for beginners, but the best way to learn how to use one is by practicing simple exercises.


    Here are some tips on how you can use a Swiss ball as a beginner


    • Pick the right size – Swiss balls normally come in five dimensions and come in increments of 10 cm.


    • Find the right place to exercise with the Swiss ball – An open area with plenty of space is the most ideal for when you are using a Swiss ball. Make sure you remove all heavy or sharp objects to minimize risks of accidents.


    • Support the ball using a stabilizer ring – When you are learning how to use a Swiss ball, you can find it a little complicated since it creates an unsteady surface. You have to get used to it. your Swiss ball on a stabilizer ring to stop it from rolling around too much. You could also use the help of a friend until you get used to the exercise.


    • Keep note of your breathing – When you are trying to balance on the exercise ball, you may find yourself trying to hold your breath since you are concentrating on not losing balance. Try and breathe normally as you exercise.


    • Begin with sit-ups – Firmly sitting on the Swiss ball is one of the basics of exercising and learning how to use it. Start with a simple exercise like sit-ups. Align your shoulders to your hips and focus on your abs. Cross your arms across your chest and slowly slide forward on the Swiss ball until your lower back is resting on it. Position your feet in such a way that your thighs are parallel to the ground. Now, slowly lift your head and shoulders, but make sure you do not sit up completely. Start with smaller sit-ups until you are more comfortable with the exercise ball.


    • Leg extensions – Firmly sit on the Swiss ball with both your feet flat on the floor. Align your shoulders to your hips and slowly lift one foot while straightening your leg. Your thigh and calf should be parallel to the ground. Release your foot and repeat with the other leg.


    These are very simple steps and exercises that you can use to get started with your new Swiss ball. Make sure you remain calm and breathe slowly through the exercises.

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