Top 5 Medicine Ball Exercises for Six Pack Abs

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    Who doesn’t like sexy six-pack abs?! Normal crunches are very basic for improving your abs, so we want to provide you with five very effective medicine ball exercises for a stronger abdominal core. The following exercises will show you how to train the upper and lower abdominals at the gym or at home. All you need is a medicine ball and a Swiss exercise ball. Choose a medicine ball that weighs between five to eight pounds. Beginners should start with a light-weight medicine ball, 5-7 reps in 3 sets, intermediates can do between 7-10 and advanced from 10-15.

    1) Standing Reverse Wood Chop with Medicine Ball

    standing reverse wood chop exercise with medicine ball

    Stand with your feet wider than hip-width. Hold the medicine ball by your right hip with both hands. While looking straight ahead, contract the abdominals and turn your torso slightly to the right. As you release the twist, lift the medicine ball across the body until your arms are extended over your left shoulder. Release and repeat the left hip to your right shoulder.


    2) Medicine Ball Oblique Crunch on Swiss Ball

    medicine ball oblique crunch exercise

    Sit up on the Swiss Exercise Ball. Engage your core, remember you have no back support so you really have to sit up straight and tuck in your stomach.  Now we’re going to pick up the medicine ball and add weighted resistance. Keep the arms straight again and twist left, twist back to the right. The whole time you’re staying upright on the stability ball. So you really feel this in the obliques and the torso. And adding this weight, you feel a little bit more because you added weighted resistance to the stomach. Beginners can try this exercise without the medicine ball.


    3) Russian Twist with Medicine Ball on Swiss Ball

    russian twist on swissball

    Lie face up in a bridge position on an Exercise Ball. Make sure your head and shoulders are on the ball and your knees are aligned over the ankles. Extend your arms towards the ceiling while holding the medicine ball in both hands above your chest. Contract your abdominals and slowly rotate from side to side. Stop when your shoulders are vertically aligned. Do not twist your hips or lift your feet off the ground.


    4) Seated Medicine Ball Throw

    seated medicine ball throw exercise

    Sit on the floor with your knees bent, holding a 3kg medicine ball. Extend your arms beyond your head. Your partner sits 5 to 10 feet in front of you with his feet flat on the floor, knees bent, and arms straight overhead so he’s ready to catch your pass. Alternatively you may use a wall if you don’t have a workout partner.

    The move

    Keeping your arms straight throw the ball to your partner’s hands. Remain in the sitting position. After he catches the ball, he should slowly lower himself to the floor, then explosively throw the ball back to you. Keep your feet planted at all times as you toss the ball back and forth. Aim for two or three sets of eight to 20 repetitions.
    As this becomes easy, add repetitions and sets, use a heavier medicine ball, or sit on a Swiss ball.


    5) Russian Twists with Medicine Ball

    russian twists with medicine ball

    Russian Twists are not quite easy and therefore rather recommended for advanced. Beginners can try this exercise without the medicine ball or with their feet on the floor. This is an ab exercise sure to rip up that abdominal. From a seated position with your legs out in front of you, hold a medicine ball outward and twist from side to side. Count both sides as one repetition.

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